Rooftop Yum Cha(r)


After 3 sold out rooftop Yum Cha(r) parties in 2018, we're back with 3 new guests in 2019. Telina Menzies from Harlow Bar, Elliot Moss from Buxton Hall Barbecue in North Carolina, USA and Rhys Hunter from Pontoon St Kilda.

Yum Cha meets outdoor Asian charcoal BBQ, meets a rooftop. Head chef Alicia Cheong and guests will be serving up Asian BBQ treats and Yum Cha(r) sides. $45 get you a choice of 2 BBQ dishes, yum cha sides and 2 hours of beers, mimosas and Bellinis.

Yum Cha(r) starts at 1pm and runs till 3pm.